Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Variations on a Raw Theme

What's the theme, you ask? Could it be..... cupcakes? Yup, sure is. Still on a cupcake kick! Luckily, my friends (who are my guinea pigs for my creations) don't seem to mind :) Which is good, because I have a lot more coming. (Hear that guys?)
I only make (or should I say let) them try the ones I think are really delicious. I've been having fun playing around with different ideas, and while some turn out great, others, not so much. Haha For example, I learned that mixing raw chocolate with fresh strawberry paste, which sounded like a great idea to me, is not so much in reality. Just take my word for it. :) Very strange tasting. But I learn a lot from my "mistakes" bc while attempting to make this strange strawberry chocolate, I mixed too much strawberry into not enough chocolate, and made a sort of strawberry chocolate crumble that is yummy! So I'm glad I "messed up" bc I found something very fun.
I was thinking about how this applies so often to life: We head in one direction that feels right to us, and then things get a little muddy and don't go the way we planned, and we think that we were headed in the wrong direction the whole time. Maybe we feel like we made a mistake. But I bet if we looked around and saw where that path had taken us, we would see that it took us to exactly where we need to be; it's just that this place is different from what we had pictured. There are no mistakes, only variations from our expectations. That is a very freeing way of looking at life, and a true one! Nothing is ever a mistake unless you make it one. I encourage you, (and myself!) to look at your so called mistakes as blessings and see the gift and light in them. I bet if we look with altitude, we will see that they weren't "mistakes" at all, rather simply a different path on the road.
Anyway, back to the food. :) I just want to share a few variations on the Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Cupcake before I move on to another flavor.... AND I promise I will post the recipe to the chocolate frosting soon, as I have been getting lots of requests. It is ridiculously easy and really seems like real cake frosting to me. I also want to see if you have any specific flavors you want to see, or anything in general that you want me to make. I would love to try and create based on your tastes, so let me know.

Above- Layered CSB cupcake, Right- CSB with strawberry filling, Below-2Good Chocolate Cupcake, and Far Below- Almond Surprise CSB cupcake

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