Monday, February 1, 2010

Trying vs Being

Lately I noticed that when it comes to creating the things that I want in my life, I generally tend to try very hard. I put a lot of effort into the act of doing what I assume will create whatever it is that I want, and spend a lot of my energy on this doing. I have this belief that if there is something that I want in my life, I must work hard and do, do, do in order to create it. The truth?? NOT SO. In fact, I have noticed that the things that happen the easiest, and with the most joy, have occurred not because I tried, but because I simply set the intention. I put my energy into feeling this intention, and into being with the feelings of what I wanted to create, and things just sort of magically came into my life. "How so?" you ask. Well, I really have no idea. Ha. Seriously. I don't know how or why this occurs (and I'm not going to throw some mantra from The Secret out at you), but I do know that it does. It goes against everything that I was taught growing up about needing to put effort into doing, but I'm thinking that it's time to recycle that old limiting belief and step into a new one because the old one isn't serving me anymore. All the trying and doing isn't fun, and I end up drained and tired and discouraged; I lose all sight of the beauty of my original vision. All of my trying actually creates the opposite of what I wanted!

What are your beliefs about trying vs being? Do you feel like you try too hard? Do you feel the need to work hard and always have an action plan in order to create what you want? If so, that's ok! Join my club. It's hard to feel sure that you will create your dreams if you aren't doing- Doing creates a false sense of "control" that we cling to in order to feel safe. What is funny though, is that control and safety are just illusions created by our egos, and really have no place in our hearts. They actually get in the way of our ability to create the life we want. I invite you to join me in letting go of all the trying and doing!! Let's together free ourselves of the need to Do, and just let ourselves Be. Feel instead of Act. It certainly can't hurt, right? Lets experiment and see how the Universe responds.

There is really a lovely quality in allowing ourselves to simply Be and not feel the need to Do. The pressure we place on ourselves is lifted, and yet we are still manifesting our dreams because the feelings and intentions are there. Being has a grounding and centering feel to it, while Trying tends to feel frenetic and scattered: Maybe it's because when we are Trying, there is a built in option of failing, but when we are Being, there is no option to fail- it just is.


  1. I am SO elated that you started this blog!! Thank you! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Love this Erin! I feel like the Journey to our Authentic Self and our true calling in life is actually, a coming home. Not a doing, striving, trying...just coming home.